The lake is actually a reservoir and this photograph shows its low summer water level.
In winter the water comes right up into the tree line.


It's a small valley with north and south facing sides, traditionally terraced with stone walls and linking stone stairways, less than 10 mins walk from the lake, so you're never far from a swim or a play with the kayaks.

The sunnier side has mostly olive and fruit trees on the terraces, the shadier side has 1 terrace of olives (and orchids in season) and the higher reaches are wooded. It's mainly pine, with some oak and chestnut, and a small patch of cut eucalyptus.

There is a small house (kitchen, with a new wood burning cooker, workshop, and large upstairs room with terrace), which is very pretty (old mahogany windows and lots of stonework) and very well insulated. This is a licensed building and there is also a 2nd small building which has permission to rebuild. Together the 2 buildings add up to some 153 sq metres. This area around the lake is protected, and plots with building permission are very few and far between.




Two views of the kitchen.


The large room upstairs (5.50m x 4.50m approx) has these windows at one end and opens onto the terrace through the French doors at the other.

There's also a hexagonal wooden cabin, very cosy, with a wood stove which keeps it toasty in winter.


There is also a shower hut with winter and summer hot water and compost loos. Solar electric, bore well, pump and storage tanks at the top of the land provide gravity fed water wherever it's needed. There are 3 springs or water mines at the bottom of the land, and a reliable pond. We have put a pipe through the main water mine, bringing water from further up the hill, which makes it easily available for watering the garden, which is mostly on that level.


Last year's veg patch.


Water mine

There are about 60 olive trees that are still in the process of coming back into full production, lots of vines, several mature and very productive chestnuts, cherries, apples, quince and a large plum tree. In the last 3 years several more fruit trees have been planted: peach, plum, nectarine, almonds, pears, apricots, walnuts, and hazels. Kiwis are getting established. Most of the fruit trees carried fruit this year.

There's plenty of space for vegetables, sunny or slightly more shaded as needed and the 1st hugel bed was built last year. The tomatoes seemed to enjoy it. We've tried to apply permaculture principles to all our work here and the garden is entirely organic, using mulch, compost and comfrey.


£ 83.000

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