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Larfin Yurts - Handmade Yurts in Portugal.

Larfin Yurts are handmade in central Portugal. Yurts have been our passion for many years. We learnt how to make them from travellers when we were still living in the UK. Well over a decade ago we arrived in Portugal with one on the roof of our little car. It provided us with shelter for quite a few years. Many people loved our little yurt and we taught others who wanted one of their own, how to make them. Then people started to place orders with us and that is how we got started.

A yurt is a wonderful space to live in, we have fond memories of our “yurt years” and we still very much enjoy the process of making the frames by hand. Each yurt we make is an individual piece made to order. Enjoy browsing our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requirements or any questions.
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