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Rescued animals in need of a home


A man walks along a beach...

sea...covered in starfish that have been washed ashore. He picks up one starfish after another and throws them back into the water. A passer-by stops and says: "There are millions of them on this beach. What you are doing makes no difference!" To which the man picks up a starfish, throws it into the sea and replies: " It makes a difference to this one." (story told by Jerry Jampolsky)


At times the situation of homeless animals in this country is a bit reminiscent of that beach. There are thousands and thousands of them, some lost, some abandoned out of neglect or because the owner feels they have no choice, some lost.

The really lucky ones turn up at the door of the person who will let them stay. But most of them will end up as strays on the streets or in municipal shelters where their days are numbered (100.000 get euthanised every year). The more fortunate ones get taken on by private shelters where efforts are made to find them a home.

You can help these animals by sharing the link to this website, by directing people who are looking for a dog or a cat, to it or...by adopting one of these lovely creatures yourself. It will make a difference to that one - and to your life! In terms of responsibility, yes, but far more in terms of joy and friendship!




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