Close To The Earth

We are of this Earth and Close To The Earth focuses on how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and the Earth, our home. We do this through and by walking the land, caring for the land and self, and creativity in all forms. Reconnection with self and the Earth, our 2 homes.

Autumn time. Some plants die and fade away into the Earth. Some creatures curl up to sleep. The first frosts under a glistening moon and we light our fires and lanterns. We carve pumpkins, celebrate the season and our ancestors.

Moon rises earlier and Sun shifts, pulling and moving us, the animals and plants into sleep and hibination, a slowing down into the Earth rhythms.

The earth limbs are shedding leaf and seed. Seed to sleep until the warmth of the spring sun warms the soil into wakening. Before that though, she is covered in blankets of leaves and soon, snow. A time of giving thanks, slowing down, and rejoicing in the harvest.

Re-connect with self, re-connect with the pace of real life, with your own heart beat.

Connection is heartfelt. Connection gives meaning to our lives. Connection feeds our souls. Come re-connect.